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Ambassadors and Trainer

We are proud to present our trainers and ambassadors, carefully selected professionals among the best educators, trainers, and colorists from Italy and around the world. Our mission is to consistently ensure the highest quality in the field of color grading.

The selection of our trainers and ambassadors is the result of a rigorous process aimed at identifying experts who excel technically and can passionately and clearly convey their knowledge. We firmly believe that the success of our users depends on the quality of the people who guide and support them.

alessandro bernardi trainer colorist and ambassador  mindthecolor

Alessandro Bernardi

Ambassador and Trainer

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Marco Olivotto

Ambassador and Trainer

alessandro vetrugno trainer retoucher photographer ambassador  mindthecolor

Alessandro Vetrugno

Ambassador and Trainer

gianluca catzeddu  trainer  and ambassador  mindthecolor

Gianluca Catzeddu

Ambassador and Trainer

nico ruffato trainer photographer  and ambassador  mindthecolor

Nico Ruffato

Ambassador and Trainer

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Alessandro Bernardi

Alessandro Bernardi is a professional hi-end retoucher, colorist and trainer and is the founder of PS School project that has managed the Italian classes of some of the Photoshop's biggest experts such as Dan Margulis and Bert Monroy.
With more than 25 years of experience in hi-end retouching and color grading, he has worked for clients like Barilla, Gucci, Prada, Luxottica, Campari, Unilever, Pirelli, Nivea, Canali, Zurich Insurance and many others.
He is a Color Grading professor at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Europe's oldest cinematography school, and at the University of Milan and other Italian universities and schools.
He also teaches Color Correction and Color Grading at the Color Design and Technology Master at the Politecnico University of Milan.
As a trainer and a consultant he has worked with companies like Sony, Arri, Epson, Eizo, X-Rite.
Fascinated by color in visual arts and passionate about teaching, his wide-open and enthusiastic approach can give his students a know-how that can be used in any field, from still image to video.

alessandro bernardi ambassador mindthecolor

Alessandro vetrugno

I discovered my passion for photography when I was just 14 years old and received my first camera as a gift, which I still own and use today. I have always wanted to learn more about this expressive form and certainly couldn't stop in the face of the digital revolution. Instead, I embraced it without ever abandoning the past, and my chance encounter with Photoshop in 1993 was love at first sight. Since then, I have never stopped studying, experimenting, making mistakes, and starting over until I became who I am today: an incurable photography and retouching enthusiast. I practice these with great satisfaction and, since 2008, I have also been teaching both amateurs and professionals the techniques of creative shooting and the development and retouching of their images.

I am the author of the guide “The RAW File - Development in 10 Steps” and I continue to develop a mixed light shooting technique called “The Color in Motion”... another great satisfaction of mine.

Ethics and sharing are the most powerful tools one can have. Only through them can one hope for true and valuable growth."

alessandro vetrugno ambassador mindthecolor

Nico Ruffato

Nico is a photographer specializing in landscapes and photo post-production. He lives between Venice and the Dolomites.

He started his career as a self-taught photographer, refining his style through studying numerous tutorials and courses with experts like Enrico Fossati (Dark Mood Landscape) and Joel Tjintjelaar (Black and White Fine Art), as well as drawing inspiration from artists such as Nik Page and Sean Bagshaw.

At the end of 2021, he launched a YouTube channel focused on photo post-production and travel vlogs, where he shares his adventures during hikes and travels around the world.

By the end of 2022, he became a beta tester and member of the development team for Tony Kuyper's TK9 plugin, contributing to its evolution and overseeing the Italian translation.

Since 2024, he has been a trainer and ambassador for Carlo Diamanti's "MindTheColor" plugin, a sophisticated software dedicated to color grading.

His works have been published in numerous international magazines, and he has been inducted into the Hall of Fame of Landscape Photography Magazine. He has received recognition in competitions such as the 2022 ND Awards.

Nico is fascinated by painting and the cinematic look, elements he strives to apply to his photos to express his personal style and interpretation of the world around him.

Nico Ruffato ambassador mindthecolor

Gianluca Catzeddu

After completing his Master's in Professional Photography in 2001, he began working as a photographer, creating various advertising campaigns and catalogs. Since 2005, he has been an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop and a member of the AdobeGuru team, the official group of experts in Digital Imaging, conducting software demonstrations, seminars, and various product launch tours across Italy.

From 2009 to 2011, he worked at Canon Italia as a Professional Sales Imaging Product Specialist, overseeing the professional photography market, engaging in marketing and training activities in digital photography, and providing technical support to professional photographers at major international sporting and media events.

Since 2011, he has returned to working as a digital photography instructor, collaborating with several national associations such as C.N.A., Confartigianato, A.N.F.M. (National Association of Wedding Photographers), A.I.F.B. (National Association of Children's Photographers), and various schools including the Scuola Romana di Fotografia, John Kaverdash and Raffles in Milan, and Areadomani and Accademia Ligustica delle Belle Arti in Genoa.

In terms of post-production, notable projects include working on photos by renowned photographer Elliot Erwitt for the brand “Jacob Cohen,” a social media campaign for ADIDAS, and the launch campaign for the BMW M4. He collaborates with several agencies, managing the post-production and color management of images in the fields of furniture and fashion for catalog creation.

Gianluca Catzeddu ambassador mindthecolor

Marco Olivotto

Born in Rovereto in 1965. He completed his classical high school education and graduated in Physics. He worked in the IT field and then in music production. Around the 2000s, he began studying the theory of digital color. He restores audiovisual materials, dealing with color-related issues. In 2009 and 2011, he attended the basic and advanced ACT (Applied Color Theory) courses with Dan Margulis. He started a teaching and outreach activity that has lasted for twelve years.

Since 2011, he has taught at schools such as the Istituto Design Palladio in Verona, IUSVE in Venice, and conducted private courses and workshops in Italy and Switzerland. He has produced over fifty hours of video courses for Teacher-in-a-Box, written for magazines like Fotografia Reflex, Italia Publishers, Digital Camera, Nikon Photography, and Fotografare. In 2021, he curated the volume "Il Bianco e Nero" for Il Castello Editore and published his book "Il Colore" in 2022. The more estensive new book “Capire il colore” was published by Il Castello Editore in 2023.

He is a consultant for some of the most important Italian brands: Mondadori, Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, Yoox, Calzedonia, Angelini Farmaceutici, Ideal Blue, and Marazzi Group. In 2016, he became the first Italian to be named EIZO Ambassador by the Japanese parent company. He still holds that role.

He currently teaches in five post-diploma courses at Trentino Art Academy and TAG – Alta Formazione Grafica in Trento, covering subjects such as Color Design, Photography Techniques and Technology, Computer Graphics, Photographic Post-production, and Desktop Publishing.

Avatar MO by Alfredo Sabbatini.jpg
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