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Carlo Diamanti, colorist, retoucher, and photographer, crafted the MindTheColor plugin for Photoshop.

"I like to think of MindTheColor™ as a Swiss Army knife: a versatile tool created primarily to meet my needs as a professional photographer and retoucher. My priority was to be able to retouch images directly within Photoshop, using highly professional tools, avoiding the distraction and inconvenience of switching to other applications.

MindTheColor is the result of years of experimentation, in-depth studies, and a great passion for color and post-production. I sought to develop innovative solutions and, at the same time, I introduced advanced features into Photoshop that were previously only available to professional colorists. This approach allows professionals in the field to significantly improve the quality of their work and optimize their processes, benefiting from sophisticated tools without leaving their preferred editing environment."

Carlo Diamanti

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