Become a coloring and retouching master
with the help of MindTheColor™️
and Alessandro Bernardi

Installation and Panel overview

In this first video Alessandro will show you how to install your MindTheColor™️ panel in Photoshop and its main features.

This lesson will also teach you how to set up the panel for optimal performances.

If you just purchased MindTheColor™️ or are considering buying it this video is a must watch.


Luminosity Masks

In this video Alessandro will show you the Luminosity masks (L1, L2..) at work.

You will learn how, with just a few clicks, you can obtain the perfect luminosity effect for your photos.

These masks can be used in combination with all other tools of MindTheColor™️


Curve Matching (CurveM)

This tutorial will show you how the Curve Matching panel works.

You will learn how to match a color from image A to image B with just a few clicks, by using this panel.

This is a powerful tool designed for high level coloring.

Color Wheels

In this video you will learn how to use the color wheels, present in MindTheColor™️

This panel lets you fully regulate the image tonality, saturation luminosity and color for shadows, midtones and highlights

Gradient Map

In this video you will learn how MindTheColor™️ can enhance your inspiration.

Extract the prominent colors of any image in seconds and use them in your projects.

Watch the tutorial for more details.


This video shows you the ContrastD panel in action.

You will learn how to emphasize the global and local contrasts as well as the sharpness of an image.

All this while avoiding halos around the edges of the objects in the image.

Camera Raw tool

This video showcases the Camera Raw tool.

MindTheColor™️ specifically brought this functionality inside Photoshop to speed up your workflow.

Learn how you can work with Camera Raw and luminosity masks simultaneously, with one single tool.


This tutorial presents you the endless retouching possibilities that come with MindTheColor™️

The panel includes features such as Frequencies Separation, two kinds of Dodge&Burn as well as a full set of tools for facial retouching.


This video shows how the random tool operates.

This panel works with a proprietary controlled randomization algorithm, which helps you get realistic coloring results at all times.

Find out how useful this panel is when looking for the right inspiration or new ideas.

Utility tools

This video shows you how to obtain accurate image analysis within minutes, using MindTheColor™️

Learn how to measure the saturation and tonality values within a specific area of an image through the built-in Vectorscope.

Control Channel Mixer

In this video you will see the ChannelM panel at work.

With this tool you can regulate contrasts through the channel mixer with total ease.

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Meet your teacher: Alessandro Bernardi

(the man behind some of our most loved features)

Alessandro Bernardi is a professional hi-end retoucher, colorist and trainer and is the founder of Ps School project, that has managed the Italian classes of some of the Photoshop’s biggest experts such as Dan Margulis and Bert Monroy.

With more than 25 years of experience in hi-end retouching and color grading, he has worked for clients like Barilla, Gucci, Prada, Luxottica, Campari, Unilever, Pirelli, Nivea, Canali, Zurich Insurance and many others.

He is a Color Grading professor at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Europe’s oldest cinematography school, at the University of Milan and other Italian universities and schools. He also teaches Color Correction and Color Grading at the Color Design and Technology Master at the Politecnico University of Milan.

As a trainer and a consultant he has worked with companies like Sony, Arri, Epson, Eizo, X-Rite.

Fascinated by color in visual arts and passionate about teaching, his wide-open and enthusiastic approach can give his students a know-how that can be used in any field, from still image to video.

Alessandro Bernardi, Retouching Academy